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Dealing with Acne/Pimples problem? Read on ….

Dealing with Acne

Dealing with Acne/Pimples problem?


….. are mainly experienced by teens in their puberty stage.

… it is not a severe disease nor will it be harmful to the body.

… is a little pustule or papule which is triggered by the extreme production of sebum or all-natural skin oil that creates blocked pores resulting in red, puffy as well as pus-filled sores.

Types of pimples:

Black head Pimples— generally seen around the nose appear in small black lumps on the skin. These are developed when bacteria, dead skin, and also various other dangerous substances block the roots and get to the surface area.

Whiteheads –– When oil glands are caught between the skin layers creating blockage, the oil cannot reach the surface hence end up being whiteheads. Generally show up on the nose, chin, as well as the face.

Blind Acne– the inflammation is deep within the skin, closer to the nerves. It is bigger, painful and hard to get rid of.

Recurring Acne– When the pore is incapable to keep oil as well as infection out, it may be damaged. Thus burst out in the very same location whenever your body immune system is strain from stress or sickness as well as around the menstruation period.

Stress Acnes— these acnes are caused by hormones, that control the production of oil in the pores. They usually appear on your chin.

Hormone Pimples– These show up around the chin and  jaw area, especially on women, they are painful and also deep which appear suddenly.

Sebaceous Filaments—will certainly look like grey dots around your nose, top lip, cheeks, as well as forehead. These are created when excess sebum and dead skin cells gather around your hair follicles.

Dealing with Acne

when the oil glands in the body produce a lot more sebum (oil), together with oily skin cells bacteria it will stay in the hair roots. These hair follicles will start to swell into red bumps transforming from pimples to cysts.

… acne is experienced by teens and even adults.

… typically appear in the face, back, the upper area of the body

Papules and Pustules are swollen acne that is hard to touch. Avoid breaking them– as doing so can cause irreversible marks or dark spots

Nodules-– are lumps that feel hard and tender ,it contains pus and is painful.

Cysts–look like soft lump that is deep, big, and full of pus. It has a sac-like structure and also painful.

Types of extreme Acne: 

Nodulocystic acne … swollen cysts, which are bumps loaded with pus, liquid, or a few other substances. These cysts are huge, either on its own or in a group clustered with each other.

Acne conglobata … these large, unpleasant cysts formed and attach underneath the skin. They can create disfiguring marks. These irritated, infected blemishes are loaded with pus and may have a foul odor.

Acne fulminans … it appears suddenly and also has severe swelling that can appear on the whole body due to the increase of male hormones throughout teenage years. You will see the bleeding ulcers, usually on the upper body, feel feverish, joint discomfort and also knees and hips pain.

Gram negative folliculitis … It occurs when hair follicles in the skin being affected by a bacterial infection. These can be hard to treat, due to the fact that the micro-organisms do not react to several anti-biotics prescripts to treat serious acne.

Dealing with Acne Treatments:

A dermatologist can assist you when dealing with serious acne, commonly through antibiotics, use of a topical medication or a combination of both might be required. The deep scars might require treatment as well, usually with a treatment like micro derm abrasion to eliminate the harmed layers of skin.  

It’s important for all individuals to treat pimples as well as acne by avoid these mistakes, such as: over cleaning with extreme chemicals, consuming a diet high in processed foods, not drinking enough water, and not allowing your skin to adjust to new skin treatment. Consume more anti-inflammatory-foods.

Home remedies to try:

  • Honey and Cinnamon:…. . … Mix honey with a pinch of cinnamon powder and use this as a face mask for repairing damages. Rinse with water after 30 seconds.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar Toner … Blending 1 tablespoon of cider to 4 tbsp of water, apply it onto face as a face toner. Simply by smoothing over the skin can balance the skin’s natural pH degrees.
  • Yogurt as well as Honey Hydration Mask … blending one tablespoon of raw honey with one tbsp of yogurt, apply on as face mask, leave on for 10 mins and rinse.
  • Aloe Vera Therapy … smooth the gel over the face to react , it serve as a protecting shield, heal and kill the bacteria.
  • Tea tree oil 
  • is antiseptic and eliminates micro-organisms that  dimension the acne quickly. Use this oil directly onto the affected spots or combine with aloe vera gel.
  • Oat meal … blend with water and use this paste on affected area, leave on for 20 mins than rinse with cold water.
  • Raw garlic … scrub raw garlic or consume three seeds of raw garlic once daily for a month.
  • Turmeric … blend with some  coriander juice to treat acne. Apply overnight and rinse off in the morning.
  • Cucumber … Use the grated cucumber all over the skin and see your acne gradually disappear.
  • Yogurt ... is disinfectant. and have lactic acid that can remove the dead skin as well as tighten up pores. Mix a pinch of turmeric extract, 1 tablespoon flour as well as 1 tablespoon yogurt. Apply this mask , leave for 20 minutes. Rinse with cozy water.
  • Lemons … is rich in vitamin C and can eliminate blackheads and acne, lighten dark marks, and lightens up the skin. The affected skin will recover quicker as new healthy and balanced skin cells take over. Dilute lemon juice with cozy water and apply on infected areas overnight, rinse in the morning.

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