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Facts to know for Best Protein needs

Best Protein
Best Protein needs

Facts to know for Best Protein needs. Our Bones health, muscle growth, healthy skin and blood pellets depends on our quality of Protein consumption.

Most of us always find it confusing to know which type of proteins we should be eating. Here are some few tips that will clear your doubts.

Red meat

Red meat includes lamb, beef and bison. They are complete protein and also create lesser allergies. However these meats a harder to digest especially for older people. You will need a good digestive system to digest

red meats. One way to do this is by chewing it longer or cut them into smaller bite size instead the size of a steak.

One drawback with the meat is that we can only digest a good portion but not the whole thing. Also, most meats come from the commercial factory farm such as beef and the negative effects are many antibiotics, hormones and even the grains used to feed the animal are all GMO. If you love red meat, it is advisable to opt for the grass-fed or organic or those that are high in omega-3 fatty acid or pasteurised meats.


These class of proteins comprise of chicken and turkey. They are easier to digest and less expensive than red meat. Unless it’s organic, you will be getting a large amount of arsenic and formaldehyde because the farms use formaldehyde as a binder for the feed and it’s legal. Prozac are also used on the chickens to chill them out so the meat is not tender. Other chemicals like histamines, Benadryl and caffeine were also used. Unless you buy the organic chicken, otherwise those that you will be getting from restaurant, fast food place or grocery stores are these chickens. Organic chicken is non-GMO fed, free-range and usually you can find them from smaller local farms around the neighbourhood.


Egg yolks are very healthy as it contains multivitamin and mineral which makes them probably the most perfect food you can eat. Egg and egg yolk which are organic and pasteurized are good. Chickens that are fed with grass but not GMO grains will lay eggs with yolks in very bright orange. These eggs are also hard to break, not flimsy, which also means there’s more calcium in the shells.

Grass-fed egg yolks contain high amount of vitamin K which is good for the arteries. They are also very nutrient-dense. Again, eggs that are not organic will be full of antibiotics and hormones so even though the ones produced from a small farm is more expensive but you are confident with what you are consuming.


These are high-quality protein with no carbs and great source of omega-3 fatty acids. Farm-raised fish has higher amounts of mercury and lower omega-3 fatty acids. There are also many additives incorporated into their feed such as dioxins so it is best to get wild-caught fish as the ideal protein.


Pork is highly digestible and not any worse than the red meat or poultry.

They have very high vitamin B content but keep in mind to avoid pork from third world countries because they pretty much eat garbage and are given waist-high antibiotic injections. It is rare to find free-range pork but as long as it is a clean animal, there should not be much issues with it.


Most milk is cooked at 160 degrees so most of the proteins are actually degraded. They could be full of hormones and antibiotics just like the meats unless you can get raw milk from a farmer. Many people are also allergic to milk due to the casein protein and also lactose intolerant. Pasteurization in addition destroys most of the nutrition.

Milk itself is not good but the fermented milk and yogurt are more beneficial because you are introducing the friendly bacteria into the gut. Moreover, fermentation increases the protein amino acid content as well as the microbes that will help your gut. However, yogurt is a little bit higher in carbohydrates than cheese so it is more recommend to take cheese than yogurt if you’re trying to lose weight.

Whole-milk yogurt is better than any low-fat yogurt as fat contains all soluble vitamins. Cheese are also high-quality proteins and really good cheeses are those that are produced from grass-fed cows. Cheese has lesser sugar content and generally cause very low allergies.


Soy is a high protein food. Unfortunately, it is also one of the most destroyed products because 90% of the soy are genetically modified. Inorganic soy will cause low estrogen levels and high allergies. In most diet programs, soy protein isolates are used but they are actually very bad because they create major problems in our digestive system. However, if you are menopausal and have hot flashes, it is recommended to take small amount of fermented organic soy to ease the discomforts.


Chlorella is a kind of algae and also a plant protein. It is grown on lakes but this also makes them dangerous because they can absorb toxins from lake. Chlorella detoxifies our body but the drawback is that it’s very  expensive.


Spirulina makes a good source of protein and it is readily available. It does not contain any cell wall so it can be quickly absorbed by our system for detoxification. It is generally cheaper, and tastes like grass and seaweed.

Hemp protein

It is similar to our blood protein but only provides some small amount of proteins and can create some bloating.


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