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Feeling Discomfort in your stomach? Vomiting bloody liquid? You may suffer from GASTRITIS….to know more..


Feeling Discomfort in your stomach?

Definitions and symptoms:

Gastritis is the inflammation of the lining of the stomach. When your stomach lining is hurt or contaminated it might cause discomfort. You will end up vomiting bloody or dark brownish liquid. Also caused bloody motions or black, tarry looking stools.

Although it is not an extreme health problem yet if left without treatment, it may bring about a loss of blood due to stomach cancer cells or ulcer.

Types of gastritis:

Acute gastritis:  lasts for several hrs to a couple of days

Chronic gastritis: due to frequent recurring of intense gastritis or exposure to the stomach infection. It can continue for several years. 

Erosive Gastritis: is normally an outcome of excessive anxiety, injury, infection, autoimmune conditions, high alcohol intake as well as increasing use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications.

Atrophic Gastritis: happen when there is an infection as well as swelling of the mucosal cellular lining.

Symptoms  include:

… Nausea or vomiting or throwing up

… A sharp, burning pain in your top stomach.

… absence of appetite

… brief period of stomach discomfort

… feel boated

… discomfort of indigestion


— pass from a single person to another.

— overused NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicines), such as pain killers and ibuprofen.

— taking illegal drugs, such as cocain

— After surgical treatment, burns or distressing injury

— Anxiety and persistent throwing up (observed in bulimia instances)

— Diet regimen contain high-fat foods and excess alcohol

— Destructive anemia happens when the stomach is short on a certain compound that aids it digest and take in vitamin B1

— Reflux from the bile means backflow of fluids and acids from the bile to the tummy


Keep hydrated throughout the day by drinking enough quantity of water.

Make certain to consume natural tea, particularly green tea on a regular basis.

Take your time to chew your foods .

Relieve from tension via meditation, yoga exercise which help you to relax.

 Taking vitamins B-12 and C supplements.

Quit the smoking habit

Enjoy coconut water every day.

Stay away from all refined foods, consisting of breakfast grain, frozen meals, potato chips, and processed meat products, the salami, sausages, as well as bacon.

Stay clear of all beverages that have acid, consisting of sodas, coffee, and juices made with citrus fruits.

Do not eat before bedtime or 2 hours before lying down.


Modern western medicine enables gastritis to be treated with the drug such as antacids, vitamin B-2 shots for destructive anemia or perhaps prescription antibiotics if the H. pylori infection created gastritis itself.

However, with a proper food diet that you can certainly prevent gastritis from occurring. You need to prevent drinking of alcohols, spices and also acidic foods, like oranges and also pineapple, fried oily foods as well as pasty or industrialized desserts.

Home Remedies…..

Potato juice … drink pure potato juice right after waking up, due to the fact that it decreases the stomach acidity, lowering discomfort, burning pain and also heartburn, being effective against intense or chronic gastritis

Banana and pear juice … The mix of banana and pear in a juice help to reduce the call time of gastric acid with the stomach walls, reducing swelling and relieving signs.

Ginger … prevent ulcers as well as to lower the amount of H. pylori in your gut. You can take it by chewing on fresh ginger, boil it and drink the fluid, or including ginger powder to a drink. aids to stop ulcers as well as to decrease the amount of H. pylori (the germs pressure)in your digestive tract.

Peppermint tea … consume this tea after meals to relieves the stomach and kill microorganisms.

Garlic extract … squashing raw garlic and drinking the extracted one tsp two times a day or take garlic essence that has actually matured for several months.

Green tea with honey 

drinking it with some cozy water frequently enable a relaxing impact on your digestion system as well as can help make digestion easier. Consume a cup of green tea 2 or 3 times daily.

Cabbage … eat it as food or mix in the salad. It includes vitamin U (S-Methylmethionine) that can heal gastritis.

Yogurt ... contain real-time culture, helps shield the tummy cellular lining from Helicobacter pylori microorganisms.

Almond Milk … it can calm an aggravated tummy lining. Consume a mug of almond milk everyday helps in recovering proper stomach pH.

Cumin Seeds … Roast then grind the cumin seed. Blend with water to drink. This will certainly help in reducing tummy inflammations.

Flavonoids sources … onions and also garlic, celery, apples, and also cranberries.

Anti-oxidants sources … blueberries, bell peppers, squash, tomatoes, and also cherries.

Vitamin B as well as calcium resources … beans, kale, spinach, entire grains, as well as almonds.

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