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How to tell if you are suffering from HEADACHE or MIGRAINE..


How to differentiate headache or Migraine?

Headache range from light to extreme head discomfort. Aching on both sides of the head, temple and neck pain. Headache can be continuous with extreme piercing, burning pain over the head and the eyes. They can occur a number of times a day for lengths of time or go away for months but come and go.

Migraine headaches commonly felt on one side of the head, but can happened with both sides as well. The pain range from modest to serious discomfort. It can be experienced around the internal eyes as well as ears. It last from hours today or weeks. Woman struggles with Migraine much often than the men. Migraine headaches led to loss of appetite, unclear visions, exhaustion, and dizziness.


Headaches can occur through irregular activities of chemicals in the brain or by the activity of the discomfort structures in the brain.
Sinus headaches have pain between the temple and nose, drippy nose, face swelling and ear pain.
Tension-type headaches feels like a mild discomfort,normally across both sides of the head. Poor sleep, under tension, bad posture,exhaustion are common aspects that result in this migraine..

Dehydration headache is brought on by a lack of fluid, or excess fluid loss, as frequently occurs with a fever or stomach virus.
Chronic headaches related to stress and anxiety,anxiousness, as well as drug overuse.
Cluster headaches make you experience incredibly discomfort that can last for weeks or months at once.
Joint inflammation— Arthritis in the several joints of the neck is a really common root cause of headaches that either will not vanish or seem to worsen over time.
Toxic substances in the atmosphere can cause headaches and also migraines.Commonly discovered in air fresheners, cleaning agents and various other air-borne pollutants.


Medications can certainly trigger headaches as a negative effects.

Nerve damages or nerve inflammation can create great deals of head discomfort.

Hormonal changes  due to Weight loss, workout, first few stages of pregnancy and various other impacts can cause hormone changes and trigger headache.

Circulatory problems with arteries as well as blood circulation can create head discomfort due to certain medications..

Nutrition imbalanced are a very common reason for constant headaches. The food we eat out is not as healthy and balanced as it used to be, they are most likely loaded with pesticides, food additives, artificial flavoring, coloring  and also toxins.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) digestive infection or having bowel irregularity. When you are constipated for long periods of time, your body starts to receive the toxic substances in your waste circulating in the body and the nerves. This triggers headaches .

Migraine headaches are triggered by swelling and irritations around the skull vessels, nerves and muscles.

Genetically from one generation to various others.

Psychological problems like depression,anxiety, bipolar effective disorder,as well as other biological triggers that are accountable for a migraine headache.

Hormone changes throughout menopause, menstrual cycle.

Sleep storage because of Stress and anxiety.


For  Headaches and  Migraines..

Apple cider vinegar... mix one tbsp of Apple cider vinegar with honey in a glass of water and drink immediately.

Pepper mint oil... massaging some peppermint oil onto the forehead to relief the pain.

Cayenne pepper… remedy for pain.Eat as seasoning to improve the blood flow and also circulation of blood.

Nutritional diet... Take low-fat well balanced diet rich in nutrients such as vitamin B 2 (riboflavin), such as milk, eggs,asparagus, entire grains. Restraint from having a glass of wine, delicious chocolate, citrus fruits, monosodium glutamate (MSG), high-fat foods, cheese,and ice-cream.

Ginger... eating tiny bits of ginger might help relieve the digestive system issues as well as queasiness.It also prevent inflamation of  the brain’s blood vessels.

Water consumption…by drinking lots of fluid inorder to compensate for the loss of liquid throughout nausea or vomiting and throwing up due to the migraine headache.

Enough sleep… Rest in a dark area helps enhance the melatonin hormonal agent which give you a better sleep as well as helps calming the pain .

Massage therapy … on your head, neck and also shoulders to relief the migraine pain as well as release pressure from the muscles.

Hydrotherapy … Soaking your hands and also feet in bearably warm water can help to decrease the migraine attack by calming the pain and relieving the tension out of the muscular tissues.

Cold pack...By placing a bag of ice or icy peas  on your head, face or scalp .

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