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Feeling Anxious? No Confident? Cannot stop Worrying? You may be experiencing Panic Disorder or ANXIETY…

feeling anxious

Feeling Anxious? No Confident? Cannot stop Worrying?

How much do you understand?

Feeling Anxiety is a nature respond of our mind and body when we are under certain threats. All of us will feel anxious when we are under stress from work, family, relationship problems, work, studies or financially strain.

However, some of us might not be able to control the constants feeling of anxiety that happen every day.Gradually affecting our body physically and mentally, we might fall into depression if we ignore the following symptoms.

Mentally you will feel:

  • Loss of confident
  • Unable to focus on work or study, etc
  • Repeatedly thinking about a problem
  • Cannot stop worrying over small matter
  • Get irritated easily
  • Cannot calm down or feel relax even when resting
  • Get frighten of something might happen
  • Having negative thoughts
  • Always nervous and tense Feeling Anxious

Physical you will feel:

  • Sleepless or trouble sleeping
  • tired and lack of energy
  • Body aching and muscle pain
  • Hands feel shaking or body shivers
  • Severe headaches and under faint spell
  • Heart beat increase
  • Loss of sexual desire
  •  Sudden panic attack Feeling Anxious

When someone encounter an anxiety attack, he will feel frighten,shortage of breath and rapid heartbeat. This can happen in a short period of time and once he overcome the stress, he will not have any attack again. Some of us might hide or avoid facing problems with family, studies or work hence allow anxiety to get worst and affect our life and love ones.

What is panic attack?

Panic attack can cause a person to feel their life being threaten, fearing of having heart attack, unable to breath and thought of dying.

It happens suddenly without getting under stress or agitated under circumstances. If you have more than 4 of the following symptoms, you are likely to have panic attack.

Symptoms are:

  • Unable to breath properly
  • Body shivers,cold sweat Feeling Anxious
  • Feel like dying
  • Heart beat increase and pounding hard
  • Chest feel tighten and pain
  • Mouth feels dry
  • Feel faint and giddy
  • Not in the right mind, cannot control unrealistic thoughts

Panic attack, if not being treated immediately, the person will has anticipatory anxiety when he experience the sudden blow up, causing him to hide and retreat to his home or become house-bound.


When you experience panic attacks, not once but repeatedly, you will have panic disorder. It is a form of anxiety disorder that lead you to many sudden attacks, causing you to get afraid and fear of making mistakes during the attacks. You will began to avoid going to places or be involve with group of people. You fear of getting yourself embarrassed if you act up or behave crazy during an attack. During an episode, you may suddenly walk out of the room when having meeting with clients or act inappropriately during a dinner party. You wanted to hide yourself from such situations and to do so, you choose to lock yourself at home, not wanting to face reality.

Who are likely to be infected?

  • When some one from your family suffer from depression or anxiety, you are likely to be at risk
  • For youngster or early thirties adult are prone to experience panic disorder.
  • If you or you love ones have any other illness such as diabetes or chronic physical condition, the risk of getting it is high.
  • Women especially prone to suffer from this disorder twice as much than men.

What should we do?

Panic attacks can be wrongly mistaken as other health problems or having a heart attack due to the physical symptoms.The attacks can cause disturbance in our daily life, but it can be treated.

These are some of the common factors that can cause a panic attack:

  • Some medications can cause imbalances of chemical reaction, thyroid condition for example.
  • When you are under very stressful events
  • Taking too much caffeine
  • Family related illness history.Feeling Anxious

We can help ourselves or our love ones to overcome anxiety attacks, giving them lots of assurance and positive approach can lead them to identify their fears,acknowledge the causes and factors, and not to avoid them. By reassuring them such condition is not deadly or incurable, they can be treated by taking the first step with you.


How can we overcome it?

We can take the approach of medications and psychotherapy treatments. Taking care of stressful situations, able to talk about problems facing each day and confront the fears will reduce the occurring of attack as well as the frequency of an episode.

There will be improvement in 3 months onward, gradually taking steps towards recovery. If without any treatments, the attacks can happen for months to years.Symptoms are likely to be notice earlier when we reach the age of 20s. We can avoid panic attacks from developing into a disorder or mental problem if we can overcome it at an earlier stage.Feeling Anxious

If not treated, people might develop serious conditions such as being anti-social,having phobias and reluctant to leave the house.

These are the things that can help with recovery from panic attack:

Keep Blood Sugar level healthy –

  • Stop taking sugar, artificial sweeteners, refine carbohydrates
  • Prepare healthy snacks such as nuts,dark chocolate, salad, seeds or hard-boiled eggs
  • Use olive oil or coconut oil in your daily meal
  • Set specific meal time, small portion with light snack in between the normal 3 meals
  • Include lean protein and oily fish in one of the meals
  • If possible, take a spoon of organic virgin coconut oil once you wake up, once before lunch and before bedtime.Feeling Anxious

Improve your Sleep –

  • Keep blood sugar stable can help you to sleep without waking in the night
  • Stop taking coffee or any caffeine drinks,especially after the mid-afternoon.
  • Include few minutes of stretching or meditation before bed time.
  • Allow some time to yourself, listening to soft music or taking a warm relaxing bath.

Start moving –

  • Get yourself motivated with a sports or workout that you will enjoy.
  • Pick up a regular hobby such as dancing, brisk walking, bicycle riding or photography that require to move around.
  • Practicing yoga or meditation can be at your own convenience time, make it a routine like before work or before bedtime.
  • Get a friend or family to keep you engage and maintain the time for workout.Feeling Anxious

Introducing Natural treatments:

More people are going for natural remedies when they begin to suffer from a disease or illness. We can always start taking natural herbs in our daily drink or adding into our daily meal. Its better to start even when you are in good health, as these herbs are not harmful but can prevent you from getting infected.

Due to the many side effects of taking anti-anxiety medicines, we can try herbal treatments which are gentler for our body to handle.However, you should only buy herbs from reputable name or specific company with properly handling of herbs licences. Do not buy herbs from convenient stores or street vendors.

Ginseng or American ginseng – commonly used for improving energy level, calm your mind and keep you alert. It can treat depression,fatigue and anxiety.

Kava – (or kava kava) is a plant found in the South Pacific, that is medically use for treating anxiety. It can be use as tea,liquid tincture or in capsules. However, you need to take note of the following before the use of this herbs.

You should not use Kava if –

  • You are taking other drugs such as valerian, St.John’s wart, gotu kola, melatonin and 5-HTP.
  • Taking medication for liver disease
  • Drink alcohol regularly or alcoholic.
  • Taking sleeping pills or antidepressants drugs and anxiety medicines currently.

Magnesium – without this, we cannot control the stress hormone from increasing and enter our brain.

 B complex vitamins – also known as “happy vitamins” or “anti-stress vitamins”. Without enough B vitamin, we are prone to get fatigue, loss concentration, depression and anxiety. This vitamin can energize our brain cells, brighten our mood and reduce stress level.

Vitamin D – is essential for treating depression and anxiety.We can absorb it through sun exposure or taken as supplements during winter or seasonal change.

Omega-3 essential fatty acids – are require to strengthen nerve cells and stabilize brain cells in order to prevent any disorders such as depression and anxiety from developing.  

Gotu kola – can be found taken as tea or in your meal. It can prevent anxiety and stress from increasing and stop further memory loss. It helps to improve alertness and clam your mind.

Lemon balm –it can be used to treat insomnia and enhance memory. Together with other herbs such as valerian, chamomile and hops, it can treat anxiety too.

 Green tea – when taken regularly and daily can help in overall health. Enhance your mind, improve concentration and reduce stress.

Holy basil – beside treating depression, anxiety, insomnia, it can help to relief the pain from migraine headaches too.

Chamomile tea – is good for treating insomnia and anxiety. It is also safe for children to drink. You may sweeten with some raw honey for your kids as a daily drink .

Probiotic – can be found in prebiotic foods or in supplements. It can help to stop mental illness, anxiety and stress hormones. Include these food in your daily meal:garlic, leeks, onions, tomatoes, asparagus, bananas, barley, lentil and mustard green.

Including Bone Broth into your daily meal:

Everyone likes to enjoy a bowl of warm broth even when you feel sick or loss of appetite. The goodness from the broth can nourish our weaken body system as well as improving our overall health. Asian people believe taking bone broth daily can strengthen our immune system and balance the ‘yin’ and‘yang’ of the human body.

Bone broth contain rich source of collagen and can be stored in the freezer for further use. You can prepare the broth few days ahead and set aside require portion to serve as soup, stews or cooking porridge.

You can add some vegetables into broth for soup, add lean meat of beef or chicken with some herbs or spice for stew or adding some fish to cook into porridge.


  • Prepare 500g of Oily fish bones or the bones from grass-feed lamb,beef or chicken. Washed and rinse well with hot water to remove any blood clots.
  • In a large pot, put in one specific bones only.
  • Add enough water to cover the bones.


  • Sliced 3-4 ginger thinly
  • 2-3 stalks spring onions or a handful of parsley
  • 3-4 stalks of celery
  • 2-3 cloves of garlic (peel and crushed)
  • 2-3 tablespoon rice wine or apple cider vinegar
  • Do not cover the pot fully with water but allow some gap for the water to boil.
  • Once it starts to boil, reduce the heat and simmer for 6 hours. Gently scoop out the white scum floating on top.
  • You may use an electric cooker to cook it overnight or using a pressure cooker to lessen the time.
  • Cool the broth and remove the layer of fat on top.
  • sealed and keep in the freezer.
  • Defrost few hours before using the broth and remove any layer of fat harden on the surface.
  • Now you can decide what to add to this nourishing broth.

Anti-anxiety vegetable soup:

  • chicken broth – 1 cup
  • zucchini- (half part, washed and cubes)
  • yellow squash – cut into 1cm cubes
  • asparagus stems 1-2 big stalks, (washed and cut small pieces)
  • parsley- (wash a handful, chop small parts)

Reduce the broth to low heat once it boils. Simmer and add the vegetables until good to eat. Add parsley last with salt and pepper to taste.Feeling Anxious

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