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It is a deep-inside organ which is prone to toxic substances, The toxic substances in the prostate can cause one of the prostate illness. Many men will encounter a prostate problem at some point in their lives, normally after age 50.

Healing your prostate illness by solving the causes and changing them . Majority of prostate conditions are reversible and also can be cured when you recognize the underlying reasons or prostate troubles. The prostate gland belongs to the male reproductive system , if something goes wrong with the prostate gland it can influence your sex life, or trigger troubles with passing urine.


  •  everyday use of body care as well as house items that contain unsafe chemical.
  • … absence of exercise, weight gain
  • … scarcity of vitamin D and sunshine.
  • … Eat meat which comes from abnormal feed animals that receive substantial dosages of anti-bio tics to maintain them alive.
  • ……. taking  supplements and also harmful food which can be found in convenience food or processed food.
  • … way too much stress in your life.
  • … diet plans rich in fatty foods and red meat yet low in vegetables and fruits.
  • … way too much folic acid as well as artificial zinc oxide, over dosage multi vitamins.

 Health issues that can cause prostate problems:

Prostate enlargement.(BPH)

It is much more typical in older men but is not cancerous. As guys age, their testosterone degrees decrease, leaving a higher percentage of estrogen which can trigger a boost in the development of your prostate cells. Together with the high degrees of male hormones in the prostate urge prostate cells to expand. This makes the prostate gland increase the size .

You will experience Prostatitis which lead you to pass urine more frequently, take longer time for the pee to begin. You become aware inadequate stream of pee and feel you have not  cleared your bladder.

Prostate cancer

There is a risk of you developing it if you have a male member of the family that has actually been detected with the condition. The danger of obtaining prostate cancer cells gets greater as you age. You will certainly start to feel discomfort on your back, hips or pelvis along with the desire to pass urine often often in the evening.

Signs and symptoms additionally include difficulty during ejaculation,sharp pain when peeing or blood in urine or sperm. Prostate cancer cells often tends to grow gradually.

Cell changes take place 10-30 years before a growth obtains large enough to cause signs and symptoms.


  • Fruits-(berries, grapes ,cranberry and pomegranate juice ) and vegetables-(peppers,broccoli,cauliflower cabbage and carrots), aid in protecting the prostate from illness.
  • Soy has been found to decrease the growth of prostate cancer cells,
  • Tomatoes which contain an antioxidant called Lycopene helps lower the risk of prostate cancer.
  • Cumin has properties shown to suppress tumor growth,
  • Ginger seems to have several effects which can stop the cancer cells to reproduce or to diminish the cancerous cells.
  • Red chili pepper has a compound called capsaicin that help to lesser tumor growth and spreading.
  • Avoid processed foods and fatty foods .
  • Green tea may work to prevent or slow the growth of cancer in the body. Best to drink green tea twice or thrice a day on a daily basis.
  • Pomegranate control the growing tumorous cells in the prostate gland.
  • Pumpkin Seeds are enriched with zinc which boosts the immune system of the body. Eat it raw or make into tea .Just simply by boiling the peeled and squeezed seeds in the water, drink it everyday which help to detoxify the body and heal the prostate gland.
  • 11)   Omega 3 Fatty Acids like flax seeds and fatty fishes like salmon or take a daily dose of fish oil supplements.

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