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Understanding Collagen and ways to look young

Understanding Collagen

Understanding Collagen and ways to look young

Collagen and gelatine

It is are easily confused. Both do have very similar benefits. The difference is that collagen will dissolve completely in hot or cold water whereas gelatine gels don’t. A hydrolysed collagen has a 90% absorption rate of its molecular weight. It is smaller so it makes it easy for our systems to utilize and absorb within 30 minutes, thus the bioavailability is quite good. Collagen is an insoluble protein which accounts for one third of the protein in our entire body.

Seventy percent of the protein that is found in our skin is actually made up of collagen. Although collagen is found throughout the whole body, it’s abundantly found in the muscles, tendons, bones and our digestive systems. Collagen is a complex protein and it’s made up of many different types of amino, with proline, lysine, hydroxyproline and arginine content being recognized the most. These amino acids are important because these they aren’t essential amino acids. In other words, we don’t necessarily consume them from diet such as chicken breast, steaks and ground meat.

Sources of collagen

By eating only animal-based proteins, you will not obtain all of its dietary collagen. It is better to make bone broth to extract those nutrients from the bones of the animal. In general, the collagen supplement that we’re actually getting derived from the bones, cartilage and the tendons of animals. Most of the collagen in a supplement are mostly from bovine.  You can also find it from marine based sources. With a hectic life, it is almost impossible to cook bone broth every day to get all the collagen that we need so supplement is the next best option. Hydrolysed collagen dissolves really well into either hot or cold beverages so it’s extremely versatile

Factors that affect collagen production

As we age, our natural collagen production begins to slow down at a relatively early age. We usually experience lower collagen production around age 25, which makes early prevention of collagen depletion a very important issue. A decreased collagen can be also affected by other factors such as hormonal imbalance, stressful lifestyle, leaky gut syndrome or digestive issues. All these conditions will naturally slow down the body’s ability to produce collagen. Having a diet that is high in sugar and processed foods, exposure to environmental or food-based toxicity, nutritional deficiencies and aging also slow down the production of collagen.

Joint and bone health

Along with aging, our bodies start to slow down and we could be suffering from inflammation. We might experience pain and stiffness but by having collagen in the diet, it works as a glide. It helps to keep movements nice and smooth. Tendons and bones are rich in collagen so imagine collagen as the slippery glue that holds the body together, keeping us lubricated in order to move freely. Pain, inflammation and swelling of the joints are also common in aging. It is due to lack of collagen in the body. Through collagen supplementation into the diet, for example bone broth, it will provide the joints more lubrication and the ability to move swiftly and easily without pain, pressure, compression or swelling.

Beneficial for digestive tract

Collagen will help to repair the cell walls of the GI tract because it’s comprised of amino acids. It makes sure the cell walls healed and sealed, keeping the junctions nice and tight so that food and other toxins don’t get out and into the bloodstream, which could result in an immune response.

Beauty benefits

Approximately 70 % of the protein found in our skin is made up of collagen, which is why as we age, you’ll start to see that the skin loses elasticity and wrinkles begin to form. The skin loses its elasticity because collagen isn’t readily available. Collagen is the building block for healthy skin, hair, nails and even teeth. It will help strengthen hair growth, similar to nails. Restoring elasticity of the skin will eventually remove wrinkle, keeping us looking young and supple tight even without any kind of cosmetic intervention.

Ways to consume collagen

Collagen can be added into coffee every morning because collagen dissolves completely in hot or cold liquids and it’s tasteless, making it easily to be accepted. It is also possible to add collagen into baking due to its heat stability. Most importantly, its addition will not affect the flavor or the consistency of the bakery. Adding collagen into the soups or stews could also be a good idea, as it will dissolve in a few seconds before you know it. Collagen is really convenient and extremely versatile, so use it wisely in food of your preferences.

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